First and foremost, we would like to take this time to tell all our Texas friends and families you are in our thoughts throughout these times of bad winter weather.



Secondly, we are excited to announce Triggerfish Season opens on March 1st. If you have not had the opportunity to catch these toothy fighters, now is the time to book a trip with us! Triggerfish tend to congregate on both nearshore and deep water structures and will eat nearly any natural bait placed in from of them. They are not only great fighting fish on a variety of tackle, but incredibly tasty as well! The firm white meat is great on the grill, fried, or even baked! In the same areas we are targeting Triggerfish, we also catch tasty Vermillion Snapper (Mingos) and White Snapper to round out the ice box!




We have been very busy making sure that we are prepared for the upcoming season with boat maintenance and gear maintenance. You will notice a new wrap design on our beautiful 36FT Yellowfin. We are so impressed with how it turned out! We have a new 26Ft Yellowfin Hybrid on the way and we are thrilled to share such a high quality boat with you!

Right now is the time to get Book’D, as dates are filling up quickly!  Give us a call at (850)533-7049 !


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