Our fleet consists of Yellowfin Center Consoles.

Our goal is to get you offshore faster, so you can fish longer!


36Ft Yellowfin


24Ft Yellowfin

Meet our Crew

A445E0C6-D301-4D2C-8E37-E43F8FC220F4 2Eddie Collier 

Eddie’s passion for fishing is what led to our business becoming what it is today. He wanted to be able to share the experience with everyone of what it’s like to be on the water, fishing! Eddie also wants his clients to fish on the best boats with the best gear!! Eddie is always pushing his crew to be the best they can be and help make every customer’s experience one of a lifetime! Eddie is always working on the next best thing for Hook’D Charters and its’ clients!

You can find Eddie on Instagram: @ecollier3

 Brittany Tareco DCIM100GOPROGOPR1660.JPG

Brittany is a first mate on the 36Ft Yellowfin. Brittany lives, breathes, and dreams fishing! She is always ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way! She is along side her clients making sure that they are having the absolute best fishing experience possible. Customer Satisfaction is her number one priority. Sharing her passion with her clients is a dream come true! When Brittany is not on the water, she is working on Hook’D Charter’s social media, working with our sponsors and assisting her Hook’D Crew to make sure everyone is delivering exceptional service to our clients!

You can find Brittany on Instagram: @brittanytareco

Captain Alex Kendrick37792297-50EA-4AB1-BF0A-11808EE5BE30

Alex is Hook’D Charters’s Captain of the 36Ft Yellowfin. Alex is a family man and a second generation captain who started working on is dad’s boat at a young age. He has been fishing the Destin area ever since!  He has over 15 years experience with inshore and offshore fishing. Alex enjoys every minute spent on the water with his clients and crew! He is always prepared to make sure each client has an incredible time out and a story to tell!

You can find Alex on Instagram: @captain_alex_kendrick