Hook’D Charters has had a pretty epic week! First Cobia and Dolphin (Mahi)  on our decks this week! Our Cobia weighed in at 48.3 lbs and measuring over 55 inches long!


How we caught our Cobia:

We were roughly 6 miles offshore on our 24ft Yellowfin for some catch and release of Red Snapper and Amberjack! while reeling in a Red Snapper, the Cobia swam right up to the boat! We through out a Cobia jig and it didn’t take the bait, then we tried a live cigar minnow, didn’t take the bait either. At this point its crucial to move quickly to try and find the right bait! We through out a dead cigar minnow and jigged it slowly and then BOOM! ate it right up! The fight lasted roughly between 10-15 mins and we made our way around of 24Ft Yellowfin 4 times until we gaffed it! Such a rush!! What an awesome catch for the Hook’D Team that day!

How we caught our (Dolphin) Mahi:

We were on an 8 Hour charter early thursday morning and came across some big seaweed patches while trolling for king mackerels. We casted out a jig, then some squid bait. Then the Mahi fest began. We were slinging them in one after another! We ended up catching 12 in a matter of minutes!


We absolutely love the experiences with our clients and getting them on some good eating fish to take back home with them!

If you would like to book with us to get some some awesome fish, check out our website http://www.hookdcharters.com or give us a call at (850)533-7049!

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